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Ultimate image and video resource for Shadow of the Colossus

Ultimate image and video resource for Shadow of the Colossus. Includes official artbook, hi-res screens and videos, wallpapers, boxart scans, viral marketing campaign media, development info and so on (plus a ICO tribute page:))


The Making Of Shadow Of The Colossus

The Making Of “Shadow Of The Colossus

An excellent article of what made SoTC one of the most impressive games ever to appear on the PS2. Albeit a bit technical, it’s a great read!

“Movement becomes wooden if purely controlled by a program, but also a pre-made animation won’t fit in right. It is the combination which makes it work. When I saw this working in real time, I was more than a little impressed! I think it has become a truly wonderful system to combine the animator and programmer.”
– Fumito Ueda, SCE lead production department

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