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Fallout 3 Van Buren Design Documents

F3 van burren

This archive contains some of the original design documents for the canceled Fallout 3 game, codename “Van Buren“, that was being developed by the now defunct Black Isle Studios up until late 2003. The files describe the major playable areas of the game, the style, the different NPCs and quests available in said area. You have original designs by writers/designers such as Chris Avellone and John Deiley.

I estimate, from dates and interviews, that these documents represent the main game content/story at between 50%-75% completion. Note however that actual dialogue is not a principal part of these documents. If you’re into Fallout, or just generally into game design, this is an unique resource; a look into the creative minds of people who have brought us the best CRPGs ever designed.

Download links here and here (direct download: part 1 & part 2)


Chris Avellone @ Framework ’09

In April, Chris Avellone went to Australia as one of the speakers at Framework, a kind of games industry get-together that is a bit less hype-y than E3 by the look of things. There is now video evidence on YouTube of the man probably talking about Alpha Protocol mostly, but also mentioning Fallout, KotOR and Torment-related stuff.

Chris Avellone appears around 7 minutes into the first clip, and then holds forth in the remaining ten clips.



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