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Chris Avellone – Developing Expectations

In the first part of this podcast, Chris Avellone discusses Planescape: Torment, Fallout: New Vegas, and player expectations in RPGs.


Video game history with Tim Schafer

Video game history with Tim Schafer


Craig Adams talks Sword & Sworcery EP


Craig Adams, creator of iPad/iPhone game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery joins Dan Benjamin in this podcast to talk about creating the amazing game, the importance of crafting user experience, impossible transitions, and “pretending long enough” to be successful. A lot of talk about the making of the game!


History of Volition

Game Informer have put up an hour long documentary on the history of Volition, the developers that got their start making Descent, and then went on to make Freespace 1 & 2, Red Faction and its sequels, and most recently the Saints Row games. (via)


GDC 2011 Lectures

The GDC Vault service has debuted both free and subscriber-only video, audio and slides from this month’s 25th Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, including free Doom, Populous and Out Of This/Another World postmortem videos.

more stuff here!


Game Connect ’09: Tim Stellmach

Conference opening by Game Developers’ Association of Australia President, Tom Crago, followed by international keynote speaker, Tim Stellmach.

Tim Stellmach is now Design Director at Vicarious Visions, the New York-based developers of the new action-RPG Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. He is an 18-year veteran of the games industry, and a principal designer of such acclaimed titles as Thief and System Shock. Tim has also worked on games as diverse as Ultima Underworld, Deus Ex and Guitar Hero.


Can Indie Game Developers Survive?

“The video game industry comes under the microscope as Game Theory with Scott Steinberg takes a detailed look at the current reality of game development and publishing, including how just how cutthroat today’s market has become. Here, gaming’s biggest names from Peter Molyneux to David Perry debate the changing nature of the business, whether there’s still a place for indie game studios and the shifting scale of risk vs. reward. If you’ve ever dreamed of making your own video game, don’t miss it.”


Storytelling in Video Games

Richard Perrin gave a 5-minute rant at the World of Love conference in London last week, and has now uploaded a re-recorded of the talk along with the slides.


Newcomer – 20 years in the making

Newcomer, a C64 RPG 20 years in the making! Here’s what the guys at Protovision have to say about their project:

“We work on a freely available role-playing adventure, called NEWCOMER, for 20 years by now – this project started well before our attempt to become a formal, commercial developer studio.
This game was developed for the Commodore64, a cult retro computer, and is still meant to be played on real 8bit hardware, with added support for modern C64 peripherals and Hw hacks, but also has dedicated support for running under emulation like a native app.”

Want a feature list? Here’s a feature list for you, then!

  • 70-280 gaming hours for the 1st play-through
  • 180’000+ words of in-game text
  • 180+ character portrait GFX
  • 130+ inventory item and gadget GFX
  • 100+ cutscene GFX
  • 50+ game areas
  • 30+ level GFX sets
  • Animated Intro and Outro
  • Total game size of 2 MB

The history of the game, as the initiative itself, is fascinating, and I urge you all to read about it here.

Could we hope this to be the beginning of a new trend? Huge games, with modern design (but not dumbed down) developed for archaic game systems? Could something like this actually succeed with enough financial backing, hype and marketing? A future where games don’t have to prove themselves as technological wonders and just be good games sounds fascinating.


Spector, Boon & Slaczka on game design

From Deus Ex to Mortal Kombat – even with the fresh innovation of Scribblenauts, our all-star panel takes their voices to PAX in this exclusive discussion only for GT. Warren Spector, Ed Boon and Jeremiah Slaczka discuss the past, present and future of video game design on



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