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Irrational talks Thief

In this February podcast of Irrational Games, Ken Levine, Dorian Hart, Rob Waters and some of the designers and artists from Irrational talk about Thief, a very interesting insight behind the scenes of the legendary game.

I’ve cut only the 7 minutes fragment of the podcast where they talk about Thief and you can listen to it here:


Ken Levine PAX ’08 Keynote

Besides being one of the most acclaimed designers around, it seems that Bioshock’s Ken Levine is also a bit of a comedian. You can watch him in the videos above delivering one hell of a speech keynote at 2008 Penny Arcade Expo; so for laughs, giggles and some inside thoughts on game design, do yourself a favor and reserve 30 minutes of your time for this.

Credits go to Gamervision for the videos and to dominuz for pointing this out for me.

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