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Ultima 6 – Special Edition Cassette

This is an audio-cassette (44m) included with the Special Edition of “Ultima VI: The False Prophet” and features Richard Garriot talking about the history of Ultima series. Very rare cool stuff  that worth preserving! This is what I love about UG, people who care enough about the games to come up with stuff like this which would be lost otherwise.

Ultima VI Audio Cassette – Side A

Ultima VI Audio Cassette – Side B


Eschalon: Book II

Eschalon: Book II, a fantastic, old-school and highly polished RPG that has taken over my free time for the past week.


did you know?


Ultima VIII: The Lost Vale

This expansion to Ultima VIII was planned from the outset, and was much anticipated, but never released; it was cancelled when the main game didn’t sell as well as had been expected, despite being all but finished and ready for duplication. Hints from texts in the main game suggested that the expansion pack would have added a new story regarding resistance to the Pagan gods and followers of the old religion known as Zealans.

Moreover, a unique Ultima VIII: The Lost Vale game box, whose authenticity was confirmed by former Origin Systems employee Denis Loubet, surfaced in September 2005. It was sold via eBay to a German collector for a final price of almost 2000 US$ shortly after. The game itself, however, seems to be lost forever. The developers at Origin Systems barely had a way to back up their machines at that time, so there is not much hope that a copy survived.


Ultima Underworld II Designers’ Notes

Ultima Underworld II Designers’ Notes

Just got the game today and I want to share this page from the game’s manual, keep in mind that this game was released in 1992! I would like to see more pages like this on today’s games paper manuals, screw PDF!



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