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lets play archive

Remember the good ol’ days of walkthroughs and FAQ’s? They were awesome! It must have taken some seriously crazy and dedicated individuals to write (sometimes) hundred of pages describing every corner and mechanic of a game.

Unfortunately, the Internet have made them pretty useless and they have been replaced with message boards and easier games (hehe). At least that’s what I thought until I stumbled upon the “Let’s Play” Archive page.

Originally started on the Something Awful forums, the “Let’s Play” Archive is a collection of walkthroughs that instead of using only text, rely heavily on either screenshots or videos. The collection is huge (there are at least a few hundred games in there) but could still do with a few updates (there’s no Thief, for example – maybe you can add some walkthroughs there, Dominus 🙂)

The results vary from “pretty helpful” to “amazing”, mainly because it’s an extremely interesting experience to watch somebody else not only play a game, but also comment it in real time. I suggest you start with System Shock 2, which sometimes feels like a great Sci-Fi movie (it also helps that the guy commenting the video is pretty good at it).


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