6 questions: Alex Austin

No Quarter

No Quarter

Cryptic Sea is a fictitious name for a person or persons who develop computer games”. That’s what the About page of their site says 🙂 We say that Cryptic Sea is one of the most promising indie teams in the game industry. You’ve surely heard of Gish, Somnia or No Quarter. Well, the guys at Cryptic Sea are responsible for these games.

Alex Austin was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. We asked him about Cryptic Sea, about their games and their future plans.

GMZzz: Each of your games are different as genre, gameplay and visual style. Do you guys like to experiment or you just like to have a wide range of game genres?

Alex Austin: I like to experiment with different ideas, it makes you think about things from other perspectives. The best designers (like Sid Meier) have made games in a lot of genres and I think that’s important to always be experimenting and learning.

GMZzz: What type of game genres (from the ones you haven’t tried yet) you would like to approach in the future?

Alex Austin: I definitely want to do more multiplayer games, I think there’s tons of potential there. Also an RTS game might be fun.

GMZzz: Somnia’s world is a very interesting one and it really creates a certain feeling when playing the game. Do you think it would’ve been possible for the game to have a different type of gameplay?

Alex Austin: I’m not sure, the gameplay came first and we designed the world around that. Aimee did an amazing job of creating all the art in a really short amount of time, and she also did most of the level design.

GMZzz: And another one about Somnia: does it relate in any way (other than having the same name) to Aki Ville Yrjana’s poem?

Alex Austin: I’ve never heard of that.

GMZzz: What’s happening to Gish 2 and No Quarter? Why aren’t we playing them yet? Is there something that keeps from working at these games? (you’re not allowed to say you’re lazy, sorry)

Alex Austin: No Quarter should be out soon, it’s definitely not been an issue of laziness, I’ve been working 70-80 hours a week for the last couple months. Gish 2 won’t be out until next year.

GMZzz: Do you plan to release any of your games for iPhone too?

Alex Austin: We might be porting the original Bridge Builder to the iPhone soon.


1 Response to “6 questions: Alex Austin”

  1. 1 littlebugger
    July 28, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    I fondly remember Bridge Builder. I had no idea these guys were behind it. That’s one awesome game.

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