5 Questions: Daniel Benmergui

Daniel Benmergui

Daniel Benmergui

Daniel Benmergui is on one of the game developers that inspired the existence of this blog. He is the author of I Wish I Were The Moon, Storyteller and, his most recent, Today I Die. If you haven’t played these games yet, stop reading this, go here, play them and come back after you finish them.

We asked Daniel about his experience as a indie developer, what he plans to do next and what he thinks about the iPhone as a gaming device.

GMZzz: The fact that you’ve worked for a game developer company has influenced your approach of game development after you’ve become a full-time indie? If yes, how?
Daniel Benmergui: Well, I am a bit more structured in the way I develop my games… part of the discipline of my previous working with teams, I guess. But everything else (like game design) is new, since I used to work as a programming lead, far away from the actual game development.
GMZzz: We like to think that game developers have different experiences when it comes to creating a game. What have you learned from your indie experience so far?
Daniel Benmergui: On one hand, that you are very likely to earn money from doing what you want instead of cowering under the illusion of safety that company jobs offer. On the other hand, working alone at home has many pitfalls… I am starting to feel worn off by the solitude of working by myself. I was just thinking that my computer is now the tool in which I work, socialize and entertain myself, and in front of which I spend 70% of the day… doing different activities (with other people) is crucial, I am starting to believe. Or you might go insane.
GMZzz: One of your games has to be your favorite. Which one is it and why?
Daniel Benmergui: I never hold a single game as a favorite. My favorite is the one I am excited about at the moment. Right now, Dungeon Crawl is fascinating to me. I am learning to play it well and trying to figure out what makes such a hard game one of the best single player gaming experiences. Derek Yu’s Spelunky also achieved this.
GMZzz: For your future games, will you follow the same style as for the previous ones or will you try a new and different one?
Daniel Benmergui: I am starting to feel shackled by the style of Moon, Storyteller and Today I Die… I might do something slightly different for my next game. I still didn’t find any new styles that suit myself. But I don’t want to stay on the safe side…
GMZzz: What do you think about iPhone as a gaming device? Are you planning to release your current or future games for this platform as well?
Daniel Benmergui: Moon is almost done. I like the iPhone as a gaming device, but I am not really hurried about making games for it. Maybe if some idea I have requires the multitouch screen, I will give it a try. I really like the PC as a release platform.
Two more interviews with Daniel you can find on IndieGames and IndieVault.

1 Response to “5 Questions: Daniel Benmergui”

  1. 1 littlebugger
    July 3, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    Is that his hair or is there a scalp on the wall behind him? 🙂

    Great read, let’s have more of these interviews with inspiring people.

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